Tuesday 17 January 2017

Magento Development Successful Businesses Will Opt for in 2017

Entering 2017, we find that Magneto is still the most popular eCommerce platform in the world. It is being used by big and small businesses alike for making big, good-looking, SEO-friendly stores that are a delight to visit and browse. 

Every year, companies add more features to their store to keep up with changing technology and rising customer expectations.

Here are some Magento Development trends that we expect companies to embrace this Year:

Faster shipping

Magento based businesses are all going to look to deliver products early this year – within a day of the order being placed, if possible. The platform has several features and plugins available that make fast order processing possible.  

Custom development

We expect businesses to embrace individuality and create unique, custom-developed stores with beautiful graphics and themes that match their brand and what their business stands for. 

Mobile-first trend

Traffic from mobile devices will exceed traffics from desktop PCs in 2017. You will see eCommerce stores that have been optimized for mobile phones through the use of responsive design.

Social network chat bots

Many stores will tie up with social networks to deliver shopping chat bots on social network chats. Customers will be able to message these chat bots and easily search for products and buy them directly without leaving the social media site.

Magento E-commerce website development

More payment options

Magento store owners are going to offer many more payment options to customers than before, including debit card, credit cards, mobile wallet support, and, of course, internet banking. 

Fast checkouts

The onus is going to be on streamlining the checkout process to make it faster than ever before. Online shops are going to make checkouts as fast as possible – with a couple of clicks or taps, for example, by supporting stored cards. 

Localization trends

Magneto store owners are no longer limited to their region, especially in 2017. Expect to see stores that are translated into multiple languages, and offer multi-currency support and global shipping. 

Do you need a new Magento store that incorporates all the latest technology and is future ready? You can hire external dedicated Magento eCommerce developers that have the relevant industry experience to make you one at an affordable price.

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