Thursday 5 January 2017

11 Reasons Why Online Customers Don’t Buy From You

A lot of online entrepreneurs spend a considerable amount of time working on setting up their website. But once the site is set up, though, they forget about it – which is a primary reason why it doesn’t do well. An online site or store is a continuous investment on your part. Like a plant, it needs regular nurturing and care if you want it to make you money. 

Here are 11 reasons why your site could be performing poorly, and your customers don’t want to buy from you:

You don’t update often

You need to make constant changes, keep your content fresh and use modern design to keep your website relevant with time.

Vague communication

Do you use a grid-based layout for clear communication? Is your content easy-to-understand and targeted at the right audience? If not, you’re going to lose out. 

Cluttered layout

A cluttered layout is distracting and annoying, especially on mobile devices. If everything isn’t clear, with lots of space in between, customers have a poor UX and are unlikely to convert. 

Lack of trust

Is your website good enough to be the digital face of your business? A bad-looking, slow-performing one will showcase your business is a negative light and won’t generate trust among visitors. 

Messy CTAs

CTAs should never be too long. They should also be easy-to-access. Use small, direct, targeted CTAs like “Contact Us Now!” or “Register Today!”.

Sluggish loading

If it takes more than 4 seconds for a page to load on your site, you’re going to lose out on a lot of users. Speed up load times to cater to impatient visitors. 

Off-target ads

Pop-ups may catch your visitors’ attention, but they are also annoying and will destroy their mood. The advertising you use should be subtle and targeted. 

E-commerce website development

Audio can be noise

Some sites become annoying when they auto-play audio. Also, sometimes sound can auto play because of broken code. Ensure your audio isn't becoming noise.

Wrong content

The photos and videos you showcase will tell prospective customers a lot about you. Make sure to use material that throws the best possible light on your business.

Excessive linking

It’s all well, and good to use external links as reference citation – but too many links can lose customers. Only use the smallest number of links possible.

Negligence to analytics

You customer preferences and market trends should play a prominent role in how the site behaves. Ignoring analytics will reduce conversions. 

It's difficult to get a foothold in the eCommerce industry – or on the internet – if you don't know what you're doing or you don't keep up with the latest web development trends. You can consult with an experienced web development company if you are searching for a way to maximise conversion rates.

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