Sunday 25 December 2016

Cutting-Edge Mobile App Development Trends We're Likely to see in 2017

Smartphones these days have very powerful processors and huge RAM – good enough to run programs that only desktop computers could run a few years ago. Smartphone software can have very advanced features these days, thanks to this heightened processing power. 2017 is going to be a great year for smartphone users – apps are going to have some amazing new features that everyone will love.

Here are some revolutionary trends you can incorporate into your app next year if you are planning to make one:

Space saving features

People are complaining about the space apps require, and many simply don’t have the patience to download apps on their phones. Developers are coming up with streaming and on-demand resources in response – users can just stream some apps online now!

Interactive push notifications

Push notifications are becoming an integral feature of newer apps. If you want to interact with app users without draining the battery on their phones, this feature is the something you need to have. You will also be able to keep your business on their radar through regular notifications.

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Inter-app communication

You can expect apps in 2017 to talk with each other, as the IoT trend continues to hold strong. Are you chatting with your friend on your Facebook app and want to go where they are? You will soon be able to book a Uber car from within the social media app!

Virtual reality technology

Virtual reality and augmented reality are going to be a big thing shortly. They are especially of significance to travel, healthcare, game, and entertainment apps. Not only do they engage users, but they also make some application features easier to access.

Self-learning apps

Finally, you can expect personalised services from your application, based on your taste, preferences, and past activity history. Self-learning apps will also use LBS (location based services) to churn out results.

The easiest way to integrate all these features into your software is to hire mobileapp developers to do it for you. Make sure the team is experienced, and is familiar with the stringent development requirements for the iOS or Android platforms.

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