Tuesday 1 November 2016

Reasons to Reconsider Your Stance of Not Being Mobile App Friendly

When people began to prefer browsing on their smartphones over their PCs, with some even spending more time on their phones compared to their TVS, companies began rolling out apps in an attempt to take advantage of this trend. Not many companies succeeded, though. That wasn’t surprising, seeing as we’re still in the nascent stage of mobile technology.

Some business owners are content with having just a website to promote their business – they don’t bother with mobile apps. If you’re one of these business owners, here are some reasons to reconsider your stance on not being mobile app friendly:

Do you think your app is just another version of your website?

Some business owners mistakenly think apps are just supposed to be a smaller, miniature version of their websites. However, customers who choose to download an app for a business choose to do so because they expect something more from it than what your website can provide – a convenient and simple way to access your most popular services. To put things simply, customers often use websites to browse for information and apps to opt for popular services.

Mobile app development
Do you think you’re safe because your website is responsive?

Are you one of those people who think having a responsive website is all it takes to be “mobile friendly”? A responsive website may help you attract customers, but apps are what will help you keep them. Apps add a touch of personalization that your responsive website never could.

Failing once doesn’t mean you should just give up

When the mobile app revolution started out, many business apps failed, simply because businesses and app developers had no idea of what they were doing or what customers wanted. We’ve come a long way from those early days, though. If you built an app before and it didn’t take off, you might want to give it another shot.

There are a large number of resources available online – many of them free – that let you build, maintain, and update a mobile app smoothly. Some mobile app developers also help you build an app from the ground up and provide post-deployment services at an affordable price. Get in touch with expert developers in Malaysia today!

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