Monday 24 October 2016

Why Your Restaurant Business Needs a Mobile App to Flourish

Many people now spend more time on their smartphones as compared to their TVs or PCs. With smartphone sales headed through the roof – with more than 2 billion people expected to own one by 2019 – a large number of brick-and-mortar businesses are scrambling to put their businesses online through websites and apps.

 If you own a restaurant business and are on the fence about getting an app, here are some ways your restaurant would benefit from an app:

Your app will put your restaurant out there

Most people these days check a restaurant’s menu as well as reputation online before venturing there. Potential customers will be able to learn more about your restaurant through your app. Any glowing reviews visiting customers leave behind will influence customers positively – it’s a proven fact that customers are more likely to pay attention to other customers and their opinions instead of anything you claim about your restaurant. 

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Build customer loyalty through your app
Customers are more likely to visit your restaurant if you give them regular freebies or discounts on your food items. A loyalty program for returning customers – managed through your app – will help improve customer engagement and build loyalty towards your establishment. 

An app makes billing and reservations easy

A well-designed restaurant app gives customers access to several innovative features, including ordering on their smartphone screens and the instant generation of a bill. It’s hard to keep track of several tables and their unique orders during peak hours – an app can automate the entire process. Customers can also make reservations on their apps before visiting your restaurant for guaranteed seating. 

Your customers can order food online with a few taps 

Your customers will be able to order their favorite dishes from your menu with a few taps if you offer home delivery. You can also let them store their order history for when they order next time to make it faster. 

Are you planning on building a mobile app for your restaurant business? You can use several freely available tools to make a multi-platform app in quick time. The better alternative it to hire the services of professional developers in Malaysia to do it for you, as this may be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

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