Wednesday 19 October 2016

Quick Fixes for Making your Website Mobile Friendly

These days, more than 50 percent of all browsing is done on a smartphone as compared to a PC, a laptop or other internet ready devices. Google has taken note of this trend and is planning on ranking down websites without mobile friendly content on their search engine listings since 10th Jan 2017. If your website isn’t mobile ready yet, it’s time you work on it or risk losing on a lot of visitors.

You don’t need to be a web developer or expert programmer to get your website mobile ready. Here’s our brief guide to help you get your website mobile ready in some simple steps:

Write Catchy Headlines

Large headlines tend to look bad on mobile screens. You need to write short but catchy headlines to give your visitors an idea of what your content or website stands for.

Don’t Use Popups

We’ve all been there, browsing our favorite content on our cellphones only to have a giant popup block it. We recommend that you avoid using popups. Full-screen popups contribute heavily to bounce rates.

Mobile friendly website
 Make Sure Your Content is Engaging

It’s not enough to have a good-looking website – your content has to be engaging too. Write short, precise sentences and make small paragraphs that look good on smartphones. Avoid being too wordy. Mobile browsers usually have short attention spans. Try to separate your content by interesting subheadings wherever possible.

Optimize Your Videos and Images

 Slow loading times contribute heavily to bounce rates and the pictures or animations on your website are often the culprits. Optimize your videos and images to get them loaded quicker on your website.

Check if you are Mobile Ready

Finally, use to see if you’re mobile ready. It lets you browse your website on some virtual smartphone models. You can iron out kinks, if any, at this stage.

If you’re still struggling to get your website mobile ready, there are many experienced developers Malaysia out there who can help you out at an affordable rate. You may also look into getting an app built for your website – everyone is doing it these days, and it’s almost a given that the best websites also have mobile apps.

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