Monday 17 October 2016

Benefits of Choosing PHP Web Development for your Website

PHP is the most popular web development server-side scripting language at the moment. Millions of servers run PHP, and over 800 million websites are based on it. However, PHP is by no means the only web development solution out there – there are some other powerful ones like ASP.NET, Python, and Java.

So should you choose PHP web development for your individual or business needs? Here are the top advantages of choosing PHP web development:

PHP is open source

PHP is fully open source. It doesn’t cost you any money to use it or to customize it to suit your particular needs. It is also regularly maintained and updated by a worldwide developer community, so you don’t have to pay for upgrades or updates.

PHP is easy to implement

PHP has a logical, easy-to-understand syntax that is based on C code. PHP can be used to design all kinds of websites and it can handle a huge load of traffic. Top websites like Facebook and Wikipedia use PHP.

It runs on all the major platforms

PHP is compatible with all the major operating systems being used in the world today like Windows, Linux, Mac OS and UNIX. You don’t have to code separately for these platforms. 

PHP web development
 All the major web servers and databases support PHP

PHP supports all the major web servers in the world like Netscape and Apache, so you don’t to worry about hosting. You can also use most major databases on it right out of the box, including MySQL, IBM DB2, and ODBC.

PHP runs fast and is very secure

PHP has an independent memory space that lets you rely less on servers for processing. Also, PHP is very secure because of its multi-layered coding.

PHP has been around for more than two decades now and has proven its mettle time and again. If you are planning on building a 

PHP based website, you can attempt to do it yourself or hire a professional developer to do it for you. There are some very competent developers that offer their services short-term and work remotely, so hiring a developer doesn’t have to be an expensive option. Get in touch with top developers in Malaysia!

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