Tuesday 27 September 2016

Why your Business needs Mobile Commerce to maximize online sales?

From shopping to business, everything has turned online at the moment. Today, shopkeepers and retailers can quickly check their catalogs online through mobile. Isn’t it interesting?

With the development of the Internet and smartphones, mobiles continue to bring progression in B2B commerce. Over 3 billion users are using the Internet worldwide. The figure clearly indicates that mobiles are turning the face of B2B industry.

Here’s why your business needs a mobile strategy to survive the growing competition:

Keep Mobile-ready to grow your Business:

It is very true that these days most of the B2B happens on the phone, either through online chat or calls.  This process surpasses the PC technology and makes entrepreneurs to switch to smartphones for improving their business.

24 hours Connectivity makes the Difference:

For customers, round the clock connectivity makes all the difference. Seamless transitions from searching for a service/ product to buying it happens at any time. So, B2B commerce should provide 24 hours mobile experience to their customers to enhance their business growth.

Handiness plays a success factor:

It’s no secret that you can’t carry your laptop or desktop everywhere. So, shopkeepers and retailers prefer mobile devices than PCs.

Mobile commerce is on trend right now:

More and more traffic is coming to the website and other online portals via phones. So, there is no surprise that B2B marketers are utilizing the latest trend to increase traffic. Today, 50% of B2B commerce has mobile channels, which register around 40% of their sales through phones.

Planning to enter into B2B industry? Mobile apps are the perfect solution for your business. Get in touch with an expert developer for building your M-commerce app right now.

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